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Money to Burn

Tragicomedy in two acts

This is quite a modern story with a wide range of colors, there is a sense of humor, almost a clown, and deep drama - there are affected and raised questions that in the "current time" sound modern and topically.

Remembering Mayakovsky’s words: “A theater is not a mirror, but a“ magnifying glass. ”A theater should always remain a theater, not a substitute for the life that it is called to reflect.”

Read the review of the spectrum in the magazine "The Seagull".


Lidia - Irina Ibragimova

Vasilkov - Evgueniy Beliy, Eugene Semenov

Cheboksarova - Elena Semenova

Kuchumov - Sergey Ostrovsky

Glumov- Garik Polyakov

Telyatev - Nikolai Zapisochniy

Andrey - Eugene Semenov, Evgueniy Beliy

Ladies - Svetlana Vasilchenko, Julia Volardi, Maria Getahun, Irina Kholodnova

Waiter, Bailiff - Andrey Vovk

Production crew:

Stage Director - Irina Rogozina

Designer- Ekaterina Burova

Video - Dmitry Shakhov

Music Arrangement - Alexander Nikitin

Movement Instructor - Natasha Mirnaya

Technical Crew - Liza Yanovich

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