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Kirill Chokler



At the Theater Experiment since November 2019.


Kirill graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology.


While still a student, he began working as a disc jockey in Moscow nightclubs. He worked successfully and was present at the “birth” of show business in Russia, he personally opened a couple of clubs in Moscow. He spent at least 8 years on stage as a host of night shows and various corporate events.

At the end of the 90s, this stage of his life was “closed” and he left the show business in just business.

After moving to America for a long time I was looking for creative opportunities and gratefully accepted the invitation of the Baltimore Theater BHAT. As part of this theater team he played in two productions:
“The Tale of Fedot Stralts”, “Once again about the naked king” based on plays by Leonid Filatov.

He bears the idea of staging his performance, being "waiting for creative insight."


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