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Elena Tkacheva-Wells


Елена Ткачева

1983-1987       "Intersection" Amateur Theater in St.-Petersburg, Russia with professional teachers, producer, and Scenic director: Veniamin Filshtinski, Felix Filtshtinski, and Michail Gruzdov.

At the same time my teachers worked with professional actors and theaters in St-Petersburg and other cities in Russia, staging professional productions.



Graduated from LGITMIK (Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music, and Cinema). B.A. in professional acting.

Fall 2002  Professional Modeling school

2019 - 2020     Yoga Teacher Certificate training

Roles: in High School - Princess Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty"

In "Intersection" Theater: Ugly Duckling in "Ugly Duckling"

Lenochka in "Tomorrow was a war"

In a production "About Vladimir Vysotsky" a few episode character roles

Bad Lazy Boy in professional Chirstmas production of 1986.

While been a student in my second year at a Theater College, I was invited to play Page in professional production "Cinderella" in 1988 at Alexandrinski Theater.

In my 3d year of Theater College I played a role of a Princess in "Puss in Boots"

In my final year of Theater College, I played a main role of Polinka in a famous play "Profitable Place" written by a famous Russian playwriter Ostrovski.

1991 -1992      After College I was invited to work at a professional Theater in St-Petersburg, Russia "Komedians."

My roles: Princess in "Puss in Boots"; Katenka in Voudeville "Misfortune from a Tender Heart" written by Sollogub.

In 1994 in New York rehearsed a role of Elise in a play "Poor Elise" written by a famous Russian writer Karamzin at Russian-American Theater.

In 1998 in Lexington, Kentucky played a role of a Teacher at Professional American Children’s Theater.

In 2017 I played a role of a Grandma Bee at a Children’s Production "Luntik and his Friends" at Amazing Fox Entertainment.

I joined Theater Experiment in April of 2018.

I enjoyed playing a role of a Matchmaker in a famous Play "Marriage" written by a famous Russian writer Gogol.

Since 1998 till now I have been teaching numerours classes, workshops, and Summer camps for children: Yoga, Drama, Dance, Ballet, Gymnastics, Creative Movement in Lexington KY.

In 2016 I moved to Maryland.

Currently I work with children ages 3 to 13 at Russian Academy of Potomac as Drama and Yoga teacher. I codirected children's play: Tin Little Soldier, Peter Pan. Curently I am directing a play Thumbelina with children ages 5 -10 years old. I also teach kids yoga classes in numerous Russian preschools in Montgomery County.

In 2018-2019 I worked as Drama teacher at Private Russian School Olympus.

Theater, Dance, Yoga, Circus, and any kind of Creative expression are my truly passions. Theater gave me the opportunity to experinces inspiration and the connecton with the Divine.


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