The benefits of stage training.

I believe the stage training to be an inseparable part of the rehearsal process, something you just cannot do without. It gives the actors the skills of the trade and helps reveal and develop personal traits. As adults, we rarely study ourselves while the training helps a person look inside their soul, find an inner child and develop emotional intelligence. I consider this highly important and beneficial to an individual in today’s way of life. »   Irina Rogozina


We invite you to attend our acting training. There is a set for participation in a new project.


Training at the Experiment Theater are held on Tuesdays from 7 to 10 pm at:

Latvian Lutheran Church

400 Hurley Ave, Rockville, MD 20850

Training with L.A. Putilova

Lyubov Alekseevna Putilova - director, member of the Union of Theater Workers, Associate Professor of the Yekaterinburg State Theater Institute, Artistic Director of the Linguistic Theater UrFU “Lingva-T”, Head of the Creative Laboratory of Innovative Pedagogical Technologies at the Department of Foreign Languages of the Physicotechnical Institute of UrFU, Author and Leading Trainings “Psychology and Culture of Motion ".

What is theatrical training ( video report )

Training with Oleg Golub

«  A variety of acting training: psychological, moving, speech, voice that were introduced and conducted by Irina Rogozina and other professionals, were invaluable in mastering the theatrical skills of our team members. They certainly had an important influence on improving the quality of our productions. Training classes were very interesting, set the tone and charged with positive energy.


These training activities fostered mutual understanding in the team and, most importantly, helped personal development and self-realization.


We are very thankful to the masters who generously share knowledge and talent with us! »  S.O.

Training with Nataly Mirny

Training with V. Lukyanenko