Work on a new project

«Currently, the theater’s troupe is rehearsing  "Zoyka’s Apartment", the play by Mikhail Bulgakov.


There are several reasons that have determined my choice of this material: I consider its author one of the best playwrights of the 20th century, whose very often prophetic plays written almost a hundred years ago are still poignant today. You will have your chance to witness that as part of our very welcomed audience when the play opens.

We are trying to compose our dramatic work imaginatively, with fondness for the play’s creator, closely following his way of thinking. Also, Bulgakov considered himself the successor to Nikolai Gogol, the playwright whose work is so influential to our actors. Personally, I love such large-scale metaphoric stagecraft. Looking through the prism of the past, an attentive keen eye can see and interpret our present, and even foresee events in the future. You have to agree: there is a mystery unraveling when we are dealing with masterpieces of such literary giants as Gogol, Chekhov, Bulgakov...»  - Irina Rogozina

Experimenting with shadows

Shadow Theater - creative process

Experimenting with shadows

Shadow Theater - creative process

work on the scenery

and over props

play reading

working with text

 «  Following this concept, I do not see any reason not to take on something big. I like the fact that the play has so many allusions to the present which makes it so much more exciting to work on. We have been trying to get into the author’s mind, figuring out the exact meaning of his every phrase.


As part of the rehearsal load, our actors have had a long “desk-jockey” period when they have done nothing but dissect the personality of the characters they are going to portray. They have done their research and brought in their observations for group discussions, even wrote their characters’ biographies seeking to understand and justify their motivation and reasoning. This is a very galvanizing cognitive process, and an inseparable part of becoming one with your role.


I believe that only when you know what kind of life your character has led, what has inspired them and motivated their actions, only then you can achieve the true-to-the-moment performance. Diving deep into the character study we have tried various expressive techniques from the pantomime to grotesque to the shadow theater. All in the name of soulful searches for that sweet spot where director’s aspirations and actor’s improvisation produce the explosion of such creative energy that makes acting truly believable, at the same time trying to lift the shroud of secrets of the creative fiction of the play’s writer.

The current creative experimentation of the Experiment Theater clearly sends the message that its actors are at a new level, the level of the very demanding attitude towards themselves as well as to their imaginative afflatus and breakthroughs. » - Irina Rogozina

continue to rehearse in quarantine

nothing prevents us from meeting!

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Rehearsal process. Trying on costumes.

Shadow scene. Screening of an excerpt from the play "Zoyka's appartment"