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Elina Zlotchenko


Elina joined Experiment in 2021.
Elina graduated from University of Haifa, Israel with a in Mathematics and from the University of Knoxville, TN with an M.S. in Civil Engineering. 


Since 2021, Experiment Theater became a “a home away from home.”


Elina debuted in “Zoikina Kvartira” and played the following roles:

- Seamstress

- Kokainetka Singer


В театре Эксперимент участвовала в проектах:

- Поэтический вечер. Фантазия на тему стихов поэтов XX-XXI веков. Спектакль "Сказка о дожде" Б. Ахмадулиной.  2023

- "Зойкина Квартира"  Швея/Кокаинетка, исполнение песни/НКВД

- "Все мыши любят сыр"


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