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Absolutely incredible event in two acts

Based on the play by N.V. Gogol "Marriage"

Our performance is not about bad people, and the loneliness of the human complexes and fears that prevent people from being real and not wearing a mask.


The play is about the search for personal happiness about a dream that is not destined to come true.

Read the review of the performance in the magazine "The Seagull".

Production crew:

Stage Director: Irina Rogozina

Designer - Ekaterina Burova

Filming - Dana Preobrazhenskaya

Music Arrangement - Alexander Nikitin

Movement Instructor - Lyubov Putilova


Agafya Tikhonovna, merchant's daughter - Elizabeth Yanovich

Arina Panteleimonovna, aunt - Elena Semenova

Thekla Ivanovna, matchmaker - Natalya Leonova

Podkolesin, a serving adviser to the yard - Yuri Maslyukov

Kochkarev, his friend - Ilya Sviridyuk, Evgueniy Beliy

Fried eggs, executor - Alexander Grainovsky

Anuchkin, a retired infantry officer - Garik Polyakov

Zhevakin, sailor - Leonid Brodsky, Sergey Ostrovsky

Dunyasha - Irina Ibragimova

Starikov, hotel-owner - Eugene Semenov

Stepan, Podkolesin's servant - Eugene Semenov, Evgueniy Beliy

Dream Woman - Svetlana Vasilchenko


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