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Anna Grinfeldt



Born and grew up in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), and has been involved in theater and ballet since her childhood.


She has completed music school, as well as singing and performing in Leningrad’s Young Pioneer Palace Choir. 


Before emigrating to Germany, she studied the Humanities at university and worked for the publishing house “Science” as well as a few newspapers.

She lived in Germany for seven years while learning the language. During this time, she also took lessons in opera singing.

She has been part of the theater “Experiment” since 2019.


В театре Эксперимент участвовала в проектах:

- Поэтический вечер. Фантазия на тему стихов поэтов XX-XXI веков. Спектакль "Сказка о дожде" Б. Ахмадулиной.  2023

- "Зойкина Квартира"  Алла Вадимовна


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