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Konstantin Salnikow


Konstantin Salnikow graduated from the Leningrad State University majoring in molecular and cell biology. He defended his PhD thesis at the Institute of Cytology Academy of Sciences. He participated in amateur art performances at the Institute of Cytology.
In early nineties emigrated to the USA, worked as an Assistant and an Associate Professor at the New York University. Currently working at the National Cancer Institute, as a Program Director funding and managing large portfolio of cancer research grants.
Lately his interest lies in acting and theatre as an area of intellectual activism that provides space for self-expression.
From 2017 to 2020, was a crew member of Baltimore based theater BHAT, he played a role of jester in "The Naked King."
In 2019 joint theater studio Experiment.

В театре Эксперимент участвовал в проектах:

- Поэтический вечер. Фантазия на тему стихов поэтов XX-XXI веков. 2023

- "Зойкина Квартира"  Роббер 2023


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