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Liza Yanovich


Liza has had an avid interest in theater from a young age.

As a child and teenager, she took classes at a theater studio in Maryland, where she also worked as an assistant.


During her studies at the University of Maryland, she worked for two years at Classika Theater in Arlington, Virginia, where she taught drama at a summer theater camp for children between the ages of 5 and 15.


After graduating from university, she spent six years teaching Russian to American diplomats at the Foreign Service Institute (Department of State). After receiving a master’s degree in international relations, Liza changed her career and spent several years working at the World Bank, where she conducted research on private sector development in different countries.


Since 2018, she has been doing research in international education in developing countries, and in April 2020, she started working as the strategic learning and evaluation manager at the Global Fund for Children in Washington, D.C., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transform the lives of the world's most vulnerable children.

Liza travels a lot for work and fun; over the last two years, she has visited Kazakhstan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Niger, Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark. Liza is a native speaker of Russian and English, fluent in French, and learning Spanish.


In addition to the roles she has played, Liza also worked on the lighting design of two of Experiment’s plays, Winter and The Traveler Without Luggage. 

- Поэтический вечер. Фантазия на тему стихов поэтов XX-XXI веков. Спектакль "Сказка о дожде" Б. Ахмадулиной.  2023

- "Зойкина Квартира" 2022  Зоя Денисовна Пельц/2-я безответственная дама/Курильщик

- "Женитьба" 2015-2016 Агафья ​Тихоновна, купеческая дочь

- "Чайка" 2012  Нина Заречная


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