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Eugene Belyi


Eugene joined  EXPEREMENT in 2012.

Eugene Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Moscow, Russia. He was an

active member of the Theater Studio at MIPT. Since then the theater acting became Eugene’s favorite hobby.

He played roles in:

  • AMOUR, DÉLICES ET OR  by Marcelle Berquier-Marinier

  • The Bear by Anton Chekhov;

  • The Wedding by Mikhail Zoschenko;

  • The Quet Kabare By Sasha Chorny;

  • The Real Gyus by Anatoly Averchenko.

He played roles in:

  • Traveler Without Luggage by Jean Anouilh;

  • The Seagull   by Anton Chekhov;

  • Money to Burn   by Alexander Ostrovsky;

  • Marriage  by Nikolay Gogol




В театре “Эксперимент” с 2012 года. Участвовал в проектах:

- Поэтический вечер. Фантазия на тему стихов поэтов XX-XXI веков. Спектакль "Сказка о дожде" Б. Ахмадулиной.  2023

- "Зойкина Квартира" 2022  Поэт

- "Бешеные деньги" 2018  Васильков 

- "Женитьба" 2015-2016  Кочкарев/Анучкин/Степан, слуга Подколесина

- "Пассажир без багажа" 2014  Жорж Рено

- "Чайка" 2012 Яков


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